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Priority Jumper Upgrade: $100

Don’t wait to jump!

With a Priority Jumper spot, you will have a quick-service check in and your package includes:

■  Free T-shirt (or upgrade, $30 value)

■  Coupon for $10 off  Video ($10 value)

■  Priority Check-in with dedicated Jump Coordinator (Priceless)

■  Guaranteed 1st flight with dedicated class time (Priceless)

■  *New* $10 voucher for Smoke Shack BBQ Airport Restaurant.

Package for faster service at check-in and first flight of your time-spot with merchandise. It does not buy you a better service with the instructors you hire or on the jump in general.  We give the same amazing personalized service to everyone.  For many jumps, we only schedule two people per class for an even more exclusive service with your instructor. 

New York Tandem Skydiving


New York Tandem: starting at $199
(Prices varies with availability)
Video and Photo Pricing:

RVT VIDEO:  $99 with credit card
RVT VIDEO:  $89 cash ($10 discount)
SKYDIVE PHOTO:  $99 with credit card
SKYDIVE PHOTO:  $89 cash ($10 discount)

Discount for Students and Military

VIDEO DISCOUNT: $79 (cash or credit card) – a $20 discount!

Fuel Surcharge: Due to the higher price of fuel over the past year, all tandem jumpers will pay a $20 fuel surcharge.  The surcharge will be added to the cost of your jump upon arrival 

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